Why use an Air Conditioning Re-gas Service in Childwall?

air conditioning re-gas service in ChildwallThe air conditioning re-gas service in Childwall that we offer at Fiveways Auto Centre is a comprehensive service where our technicians ensure that your car’s air conditioning system is working correctly. The ability to accurately diagnose the state of the air conditioning system is part of why a professional service is needed.

At Fiveways in Childwall, an air conditioning re-gas service is recognized as an important part of keeping a vehicle in a good state of repair. It is estimated that currently over two thirds of vehicles in the UK are fitted with climate control and air conditioning. Given that we use these systems to both cool and heat our cars on a regular basis, should we be surprised that our air conditioning needs to be serviced and maintained as regularly as any other working system in the vehicle? Some 10% of the gas in air conditioning is lost each year. With this loss comes a reduction in efficiency. Not only will they perform their own function less well, an air conditioner that needs recharging and lubrication will put more strain on the car engine. This, in turn, increases the amount of fuel the vehicle uses. The recharging and lubrication of the air conditioning system is not part of a standard service. In addition, most motorists are not aware of when the air conditioning is sub-par but only when it has stopped working all together. As a general rule of thumb, the system should be recharged every two years by an expert who will be able to service the air conditioning system so that the lubricant and refrigerant levels are in line with those recommended by the manufacturer.

Don’t wait till you have a problem. For a professional air conditioning re-gas service in Childwall bring your car to us at Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre so that your car’s system works optimally and does not cost you extra money on fuel. Call us today to make your booking!