Is there a Car Air Conditioning Service in Liverpool?

car air conditioning BroadgreenGetting your car air conditioning service in Liverpool is as simple as calling Childwall Five Ways Auto Center. Located in Liverpool and serving all of the surrounding communities, we are dedicated to keeping our clients cars in the same shape as the day they bought them. Having served the area for some time we know the value of great recommendations. Thats why we treat every car that comes into the garage as if it were one of our own. As the warm days of summer approach, we have been gearing up to service the air conditioning systems of our customers vehicles. As wonderful as it can be to drive the open road with the windows down and the wind in your hair, we all know that on some days its just to hot. On these days a cool gust from the vents is vital.

A customer called on us recently with just such a request. Over the last year he had noticed that cool breeze becoming a little warmer. He had decided to get a jump on the season and have the issue resolved before it became to hot to bear. He was hoping that the repair would not be to difficult, as he was a very busy man, so he brought his car in from his home in Liverpool. Car air conditioning service may seem like a tricky job but with the proper training and equipment it can be taken care of in a short time, and for a better price than many expect.

Once we had the car in the shop we were able to do a quick pressure test of the air conditioning system. We immediately found that the problem was a small leak of the coolant that helps to chill the air in the system. In no time we are able to fix the leak and regass the system, restoring the cold air our client craved from his air conditioner. So next time you are in need of car air conditioning service in Liverpool, make it easy on yourself and call us up on 0151 737 1520, you will be happy you did! Find out more on our website.