Air Conditioning Re-gas in Liverpool

Air Conditioning Re-gas in LiverpoolDo you need a air conditioning re-gas in Liverpool? Most cars in the UK come pre-fitted with air conditioning and climate control systems. MOT (Ministry of Transport Test) stipulations require that all cars in the UK that are older than 3 years old undergo what is referred to as MOT testing. MOT testing is done to verify that your car meets defined environment and safety standards. Poor air conditioning efficiency can affect the roadworthiness of your car. Your car air conditioning system keeps the air warm or cool depending on the season. Most people might not be aware that car air conditioning systems require regular professional attention to ensure efficiency. As air filters get clogged with allergens, pollen and dust, car air conditioning systems begin to lose air. Car manufacturers and the Automotive Council of UK recommend that air conditioning systems in cars should be re-gassed every 2 years.

In Liverpool air conditioning re-gas is not usually offered as a routine auto maintenance service. This service does not come as part of a manufacturer’s agreement which is why you might need to look for a reliable local firm to re-gas your car air conditioning system. Adding fresh lubricant and re-gassing the air conditioning system reduces air leaks and improves efficiency.

In addition to air conditioning re-gas in Liverpool, trusted names like Childwall Five Ways are happy to offer pressure testing and condenser replacement services. The Automotive Council of UK recommends condenser replacement for every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. You will be able to notice a distinct difference in the quality of cabin air before and after re-gassing. Most auto services will be happy to deodorise the cabin in order to eliminate stale odors and bacteria. Find out more on the website.