Need an Car Air Conditioning Service in Liverpool?

Car Air Conditioning Service in LiverpoolNot many motorists know when they should get a car air conditioning service. In Liverpool they are no different, and wait until there’s a problem before they check it out. This is not the best way to care for your air conditioner!  We recently had to deal with an air conditioner that was releasing bad smells when switched on. If you are experiencing the same problem there’s something wrong with the air conditioner of your car and you should get it fixed. We’ve dealt with cases like this for many years. The causes of this problem are typically bacteria, gas leaks, and dirty air filters. Ageing cars tend to grow moulds and bacteria on air vents and cause bad smell every time your A/C is switched on. Mould can also grow because your A/C has not been use for quite some time.

In Liverpool, our car air conditioning service can find the problem. The common cause of bad smell released when an air conditioner is switched on is gas leakage and this problem can most likely be fixed with a proper car air conditioning service. Leaks in the fuel pressure regulator, exhaust pipes and “O” rings will release a gas smell. The bad odour is caused when the air conditioner sucks fresh air and the gas smell. Stationary water, dirt and dust mites in the air filters add to the causes of awful odour. This problem is solved by replacing the filters with news ones. To avoid it happening again you have to ensure that your filters are cleaned properly.

If you have now decided you really need a car air conditioning service in Liverpool, we can help! If you experience foul smells when you switch on the air conditioner you must have it properly diagnosed by an auto electrician. Childwall Fiveways has experienced electricians who specialises in fixing air conditioners. We can get your system working in no time. You don’t have to wait until you experience bad smells. Contact Childwall Fiveways to have your A/C system serviced.