Is Your Car Suffering from DPF Faults in Liverpool?

DPF Faults in LiverpoolEvery time there are DPF faults in Liverpool, vehicle owners tend to get perplexed by the task that faces them going ahead. Ever since Europe opted for the Euro 5 standard of emission control for diesel motor vehicles, the DPF has become a necessary and common fixture for all diesel cars. For those who do not know what DPF stands for, it is the Diesel Particulate Filter that helps remove any kind of burnt waste or soot coming out of the diesel car’s exhaust, along with the gases. The problem with diesel engines arises from the concept of internal combustion that takes place when a fuel-air mixture is pressurised enough to combust. This however, results in a lot of particulates and a lot of these particulates escape into the air through the exhaust pipe of your car.

In Liverpool, DPF faults are like any other filter-problem that comes with time. Depending on the kind of DPF you have on your car, the fault may vary. Normally, the DPF is designed to remove around 80 to 85% of the particulate matter in your car’s exhaust. That particulate matter, once removed, has to be removed from the filter, which can happen through the addition of a catalyst that regenerates that matter into NOx, once the filter is full. Alternately, the filter has to be cleaned out manually, but this process can cause damage to the DPF so everything has to be done very carefully. Faults tend to occur when the DPF isn’t being cleaned up properly or it has been damaged through improper cleaning techniques.

The most common DPF faults in Liverpool can be identified when the DPF light or engine light on the dash, starts flashing or permanently stays on. Although they should come on when you start the car, they should never stay on or keep flashing, as that indicates a problem. If the lights don’t go on at all either, like when they should come on as the engine starts, there is a problem too. Basically, timely cleaning of the filter is necessary and the more clogged it gets, the harder it is to clean. Even if you have a vehicle that has an automated regeneration system in place, a clogged filter will not get cleaned up by the regeneration system and a fault will show up. So if you haven’t had your DPF serviced and cleaned out in a while, make sure you bring it down to Childwall Five Ways and we’ll make sure those dashboard indicators don’t do anything they aren’t supposed to!