Convenient Car Air Conditioning Service in Woolton

Car Air Conditioning Service in WooltonThere’s nothing better when it comes to a car air conditioning service in Woolton than heading down to a centre where you know your car will be treated like the apple of your eye that it is. The process of servicing the air conditioning system of your car involves a lot of different things, all of which are aimed at improving the performance of the air conditioner. The air conditioning system removes heat and humidity from your car, which requires a refrigerant to be compressed and passed through the entire air conditioning system. As the refrigerant passes through a particular valve in the system, it cools down and that, in turn, circulates through your car lowering the inside temperature. The refrigerant heads back to the compressor where the process begins once again and continues as long as the air conditioner is switched on.

In Woolton, a car air conditioning service at Childwall Five Ways is all about going through each and every step carefully and with meticulous attention to the finest details in the process. First, things begin with a careful visual inspection where we check for any kind of damage to the entire air conditioning system. The visual check also involves looking for possible leaks before moving onto the operational element of the air conditioner. Each component is run and tested to see how well they are functioning as this is also an indicator of the kind of shape the entire system is in. Then, we extract the entire refrigerant from the system and vacuum test it before re-filling it with refrigerant according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The thing about a car air conditioning service in Woolton is that you need someone who does that little bit extra in ensuring your peace of mind. Simply re-filling the refrigerant and checking for leaks is one thing, vacuum testing, pressure testing and replacing condensers, as and when required, is a whole different level of service. Instead of trying to get through the job as quickly as possible, the people at Childwall Five Ways work hard to ensure that the job is done efficiently and as perfectly as possible. If you need your car’s air conditioner serviced, then finding a reliable, reputed and experienced service centre like Childwall Five Ways is the all-encompassing answer to your servicing needs.