Looking for a DPF Faults Service In Sefton?

DPF Faults Service In SeftonWhere can you get a reliable DPF faults service in Sefton? This can become quite an irritating problem for car owners who do not take care of their vehicles often enough or give it proper care. The purpose of a DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is to sit in your car’s exhaust service and catch soot as it escapes from the exhaust. Diesel engines are notorious for producing a large amount of soot as their combustion process is primarily reliant on the fuel-air mixture burning under high pressure. This process is not very efficient and results in a lot of soot and sludge deposition over time. As a result, the DPF ends up having to work overtime as compared to a particulate filter in petrol engine vehicles.

In Sefton, a DPF faults service facility can be found at Childwall Five Ways Auto Centre, where experienced repairmen take care of your vehicle and provide world class repair and replacement service. You can come in for a free assessment of the situation and get a quote on what it would cost you to get your DPF repaired. Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that you don’t have to worry about your car’s DPF getting all blocked up. Normally, this process is automated wherein the DPF undergoes a process called regeneration where the captured soot is burnt off almost completely, leaving behind just a tiny amount of soot. However, this is heavily dependent on a lot of other elements which can lead to passive or active regeneration. Find out more today.

DPF faults service in Sefton can be required if there’s no passive regeneration taking place. Usually, there is an automated system that controls the point in time when this action kicks off. This is usually during high speed drives, when the car’s exhaust becomes hotter than usual. In such conditions, passive regeneration kicks in but if those conditions are not reached on a regular basis, the DPF can get clogged. In another scenario, the active regeneration process is designed to kick in when the DPF reaches a certain limit, say 45%, in terms of soot content. If these processes are not kicking in for some reason, your DPF could be at fault and that is where you can use the services of a company like Childwall Five Ways Auto Centre and get back on the road in full steam.