Clutch Replacements in Wavertree

clutch replacements in WavertreeWhen you need clutch replacements in Wavertree, don’t hesitate to choose the specialists – Childwall Fiveways Garage! As your trustworthy local garage, we offer a range of services and quality workmanship from our professionally qualified and trained team. The clutch is one of the most important and vital parts of your car and when it doesn’t work properly, your car becomes difficult or impossible to use. Its function is to link engine and transmission. Though automatic transmissions have more clutches, their basic function remains the same. Like most other engine parts, the clutch too has an allotted life-span. Though they’re designed for maximum endurance and durability, they do wear down after a given time. Why wait till a crisis occurs? It’s best to get minor clutch problems attended to as soon as they appear.

Newer cars may perform better and parts may last a while longer, but older cars certainly need much more attention and care. In Wavertree, clutch replacements may be required after about 50,000 miles of normal running. Your vehicle’s owner manual can tell you the manufacturer’s recommendations on replacements. Clutch replacement is one of the most complex auto repair jobs and calls for specialist training, experience and knowledge. Different makes of cars have different requirements and at Childwall Fiveways Garage, our experienced technicians can take care of most leading makes and models. We pride ourselves on our cost-effective service and repair facilities, staffed by fully-trained workers. Today, with Block Exemption regulations in place, you can choose the garage you prefer without worrying about invalidating manufacturer’s warranties.

Another great feature about getting your clutch replacements in Wavertree done by us is that our prices can be extremely pocket-friendly. In certain cases, our pricing can be up to 60% lower than the main dealer’s! We can also undertake minor repair jobs while you wait, or arrange to collect your car from home or work-place and return it when the job is complete. Contact Childwall Fiveways Garage for more informatioon about clutch replacements. Our reminder service is a boon for vehicle owners with a busy schedule. You get timely reminders when a service or MOT is due.