Timing Belt Replacement in Crosby

Timing Belt Replacement in CrosbyNeglecting a timing belt replacement in Crosby is one of the little things that, if ignored, can end up with the cars’ engine failure. One of the signs is a rattling noise from the engine compartment. The belt will, over time, stretch and become loose. The belt drives the camshaft gears which precisely time the valve opening and closing and ensure the engine runs properly. You will also notice that the car is not running smoothly and that the engine seems to be out of its timing sequence. Most manufacturers recommend changing the timing belt between 60 000 and 100 000 miles depending on the vehicle. The best way to check is to have the mechanic visually inspect the timing belt for you. If there is any sign of improper wear or cracks in the belt.

Every so often in Oldham, timing belt replacement is necessary for the proper running of your vehicle. If any abnormal wear is found then a closer inspection is required. It is best to change the timing belt if there are any signs if cracks or if teeth are missing. It is one of the more costly spares but compared to a new engine it is negligible. Depending on whether you have an interference or non-interference engine the damage will be different but your vehicle will still not run. So regardless of the type of engine your vehicle has it is good policy to have the belt checked at regular intervals.

Timing belt replacement in Crosby is quick and easy. Contact Childwall Fiveways Garage today to book an appointment if you suspect your timing belt needs replacing. As the belt snaps it can cause damage to the valves or cylinder heads or even the camshaft and possibly piston and cylinder wall damage. This will cost you a new engine or if salvageable a rebuilt engine both of which are very costly. With careful maintenance your car will not need these extreme repairs.