Car Tyres in Mossley Hill

Car Tyres in Mossley HillAn MOT test may show you need replacement car tyres in Mossley Hill. Luckily, you brought your car to Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre for MOT testing just as you do for all other maintenance and service. Being an independent garage, our costs for just about everything is much less than dealer costs. Since we’re full service, whatever you need is available right here at our garage. You won’t have to drive elsewhere for new batteries, refurbished brakes or air conditioning repairs. You won’t need to go to a tyre shop to buy new tyres and have them fitted and balanced.  We are family owned and established since 1987 to meet all your auto maintenance and service needs.

We have a selection of tyres from budget to high performance. How often in Mossley Hill car tyres should be replaced depends on the kind of driver you are and the quality of tyres you choose. Your tyres should be checked for damage frequently such as exposed cords, cracks or splits that could open further. Bald tyres with a tyre tread less than 1.6mm are dangerous. You won’t be getting sufficient traction to stop in an emergency plus the tyre could blow out at any moment resulting in an accident. If you are in for MOT testing, such poor performing tyres will cause your car to fail the MOT. Dangerous tyres on one car are dangerous to every other driver sharing the road.

Car tyres in Mossley Hill can usually be fitted on the same day because we maintain a large stock in all sizes for all budgets. Our qualified tyre technicians balance your tyres for free to make sure you get the best ride possible from your new tyres. Balancing tyres helps them last longer as does driving conservatively. It’s worth it to take the time to bring your car in if you feel a pull or shimmy while driving; sometimes realignment is needed. Contact Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre and schedule a check-up for your tyres. We are likely to have your tyre size in stock and ready to mount in our dedicated work bay. We are a certified representative for Evergreen Tyres and offer competitive prices. Tyre repairs are always available.