Servicing in Gateacre

Servicing in GateacreArranging for automobile servicing in Gateacre used to be a job that only men handled. The belief was that all men were interested in and knowledgeable about cars. Boys were born with a schematic of the petrol combustion engine imprinted on their brains and girls had no interest. The local garage was the domain of men. Women rarely took the car for service because their lack of car smarts meant the mechanic would sell her work that didn’t need to be done. The old man took the car in because nobody dared to sell him unnecessary service. He truly believed the garage would give him a better price. Whatever price he walked away with, the family congratulated him for being savvy enough to get off so cheap.

It’s likely that none of that was ever true except in the mind of a few delusional individuals. For female car owners in Gateacre, servicing the car is one more tick on their to-do list. Women are smart enough to tear down an engine and put it back together; most just see no reason to bother.  Plenty of men have no interest in mechanics and know just enough about the workings of a car to get by. Most men and women today are busy and car dependent. They just want a good neighbourhood garage to keep their car maintained at a fair price. Since 1987, our family owned business has been maintaining the family of cars owned by our customers.

Our customers know that car repair, maintenance and servicing in Gateacre is as easy as dropping their car off at our shop. Our technicians are trained to high standards just like those at your dealer. We are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, skilled in mechanical and electrical functions and qualified to administer your annual MOT. If you need new tyres we have a nice selection of top brands we can mount and balance for you. Contact Childwall Fiveways Garage and schedule your car for service. We have built a reputation for honesty, integrity, high standards and competence at fair prices lower than the dealer. That reputation has sustained us for over thirty years. We want to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.