Car Repairs in Roby

Car Repairs in RobyAt Childwall Fiveways Garage, we know car repairs in Roby come from many parts, causes and car make and model. Those drivers who are diligent about regular service and maintenance know those habits keep their cars at peak performance and extend the useful life of the vehicle. Still, things happen and sooner or later your car will need some type of repair. That is especially true after 75,000 miles but it could happen earlier. During that time you have likely had to replace tyres, wiper blades, battery and brake pads. Other parts will begin to show their age and require repair. That’s okay because it’s a lot cheaper to repair than replace. When you bring your car repairs to us, we guarantee our parts and labour so you can feel confident your car is safe.

Our full service garage was established in 1987 to serve all the automotive needs of the local area drivers. When your starter goes out in Roby, car repairs, regardless of make and model, can be expertly carried out right here at our facility. Next it could be you notice a decrease in your gas mileage. Bring it to us and using our diagnostic equipment and experience we’ll locate the cause and make the repair. We are trained and experience to make every possible repair on any automobile.

You only have to remember one phone number for car repairs in Roby. That same phone number will get you maintenance and service, tyres and your annual MOT. We’re not running an assembly line here making one repair or replacement repeatedly over and over. That has to be the most boring way to spend a work day. Finding a specialist for every detail of your car is tedious. When you see the word specialist and the place only offers one or two specialised services, you are likely paying more for the service. Contact Childwall Fiveways Garage for car repairs. We have technicians that specialise in every functional part of your vehicle. You will save a whole lot of money with us, simplify your life and still get the professional service you expect.