Car Repairs in Roby

Car Repairs in RobyIf you are like most people, you want a place for car repairs in Roby that can handle anything and everything. For instance, your engine light comes on so you pull into a garage and they put a tester on it and tell you the only code they get is for a faulty air bag. So you ask if they can check the airbag, repair or replace it if needed and if not, clear the code. You’ve been there an hour already and the garage mechanic tells you “No, we don’t do airbags”. Mentally, you are jumping up and down and shaking your fist but you smile and thank the guy. Now you have to find a garage that does airbags. When you do and they make the repairs you mention the exhaust is making a little noise and maybe needs to be looked at. You guessed it: they don’t do exhaust systems.

Give yourself a break and choose us; your go-to garage. It’s not just for certain cars or models in Roby; car repairs at our garage are available for all makes and models. Our mechanics are highly experienced on all engines and some specialise in electrics and others in tyre replacement, balancing and alignment. We’ve been established since 1987 because of customer satisfaction and loyalty. We’re grateful for our loyal customer base. If your ignition clicks instead of starting the car or your security system has gone awry we can fix it. Need new brake pads, clutch or exhaust system repairs? We’re your garage. Time for a new battery and tyres? We’ve got you covered.

We do more than car repairs in Roby and the surrounding communities we serve. Schedule your yearly MOT with us and we’ll call you when it’s time to come in. We know your dealer can perform these services for you. We’re not a dealer but we have the same or better equipment, talent and diagnostics. We use authentic manufacturer parts if that’s your choice. If you need a garage for car repairs, contact us today. What we don’t have are dealer prices because we don’t need to charge as much for the same services. Our prices for the same services are up to 70% less. Naturally, we are authorised to perform any warranty services.