Diagnostics in Woolton

Diagnostics in WooltonThere are times when your vehicle will require diagnostics in Woolton. As you are aware, most cars these days have an ECU or Electronic Control Unit in the engine that runs all the systems in the car.  Electronics controls the flow of fuel and sensors will warn when the oil is low or the vehicle needs a service. This is a brilliant feature as it watches everything in the car and will warn when something goes wrong.  However the sensors themselves can become faulty and give incorrect warnings.  With our diagnostic machine we can very quickly establish exactly what the problem is and can repair it immediately. The speed with which the machine works saves a lot of time finding the exact location and type of problem.

All later model modern cars have a computer controlling all of the systems. In Woolton, diagnostics are usually used if any of the warning lights come on. You may be worried that there is something major wrong with your vehicle but it may just be a sensor that needs replacing or another minor fault.  It will not necessarily cost a lot and with the diagnostic machine we can quickly tell you how much it will cost to fix and what parts, if any, need replacing. The machine will also tell the ECU every time you have a service so that the vehicle knows when you need the next one. Never ignore a warning light as the small problem may escalate into a major breakdown.

Your vehicle will need diagnostics in Woolton if one of the systems is faulty. The sooner it is found and fixed the easier you will feel.  Contact Childwall Fiveways Garage today and book your car in for a diagnostic check. Our highly trained technicians are expert at decoding the diagnostic machine readings.  We are also qualified auto electricians and can deal with any electrical problems in your vehicle.  We have many years of experience in both mechanical repairs and diagnostics. Our vehicle service if very affordable and we service a wide range of vehicles as well as offering vehicle air conditioning repairs and re-gassing. We are well known in our area as a very reliable and affordable garage.