Car Servicing in Woolton

Car Servicing in WooltonOur reputation for honesty and reliability for car servicing in Woolton has been well earned. We can offer a full service on your vehicle at a far lower cost than a dealership. Our spares are genuine and are affordable while our labour rate is lower so the overall cost is reduced. If your vehicle is a newer model it will inform you through the service light on the dashboard when it requires a service. Our diagnostic machine will find out what service is required and our technicians will replace all the parts necessary to complete the correct service. If there are any underlying faults with sensors or systems the diagnostic machine will provide a code so that the technician knows what to check.

It is usually recommended that your vehicle should have a service once a year. In Woolton, car servicing is essential for a number of reasons. If you use your vehicle regularly there are tiny particles of metal from natural wear that get into the engine oil. This tends to form an abrasive sludge which further wears down engine parts. Keeping your oil clean is very important for a long life on your vehicle’s engine. The filters for the air and oil need changing to ensure the engine will receive pure air and oil that is free of dust or other tiny particles. Even if you do not use your vehicle very often it still needs a service once a year to ensure that while sitting idle there has been no condensation or dust contaminating the oil and water.

Your vehicle will need a car servicing in Woolton as well as a diagnostic check if some of the systems are faulty. Contact Childwall Fiveways Garage today and book your car in for a service. Our highly trained technicians are expert at decoding the diagnostic machine readings.  We are also qualified auto electricians and can deal with any electrical problems in your vehicle.  We have many years of experience in both mechanical repairs and diagnostics. Our vehicle service if very affordable and we service a wide range of vehicles as well as offering vehicle air conditioning repairs and re-gassing. We are well known in our area as a very reliable and affordable garage.