Car Air Conditioning Repair in Prescot

Car Air Conditioning Repair in PrescotCar air conditioning repair in Prescot is a speciality service that not all garages offer. If they’re making other repairs they might farm the air conditioning repair out to an air conditioning guy, tack on a little profit for themselves as a convenience fee and add the cost to your total bill. At Childwall Fiveways Garage, full service means we include everything including the MOT. If we can’t handle all aspects of your automobile service and repair then how do you know we can handle any of it? After all, it’s all designed to work together so it seems foolish to cherry pick and choose to repair some but not all.

Childwall Fiveways Garage is a full-service garage established since 1987. For our customers in Prescot, car air conditioning repair is part of the full service. You might notice subtle clues that your air conditioning needs attention. For instance, your air conditioning works but you realise one day it doesn’t cool like it used to. That might come down to just needing the A/C regassed. Our technicians can take care of that in short order and your interior car temperature will once again be as cold as you can stand it. Maybe the air conditioner only works when the fan’s on low or high but not medium. You may also hear rattling when the fan is on so indications are your fan is worn out. We’ll replace it and you are good to go.

Car air conditioning repair in Prescot is thorough. We’ll test your unit and operating parts to find the trouble spot. We’ll pressure test it and check for any leaks in the pipes or if there’s an electrical fault that needs repair. If the problem turns out to be the condenser has clogged tubes or tiny leaks then the condenser will need replacement. Don’t worry though, our prices are reasonable and far cheaper than your dealer. Contact Childwall Fiveways Garage if you are tempted to make A/C repairs yourself. The system is under several hundred PSI when operating and that kind of pressure can cause bodily damage. In addition, it is illegal to release refrigerants into the environment. A/C repairs are best left to the professionals.