Car Air Conditioning Repair in Sefton

Car Air Conditioning Repair in SeftonCar air conditioning repair in Sefton is easy to arrange if your service garage is Childwall Fiveways Garage. Not all garages offer that service, however, we do, as well as electrical repairs, tyres and MOT testing. We like our customers so why would we be sending them elsewhere for auto services? We have the space, the equipment and expertise to carry out all automotive services and repairs for our customers. There are several reasons your A/C stops working but usually, it doesn’t just quit with no warning. Your car’s air conditioner is a sealed unit. If that seal is broken, Freon is going to leak out and your cool air becomes warmer by the day. Perhaps you just need a recharge but other things could be going wrong.

The blower motor, condenser, vacuum leaks, solenoid and more could be causing your A/C to work poorly and if not addressed, it soon won’t work at all. People are busy and in Sefton, car air conditioning repair isn’t always a priority; especially if it’s still working a little. A car owner may wonder why the air conditioner isn’t blowing as cold as it should; his response is to turn the fan to high. Your kid with allergies sneezes when he gets in your car and others complain of the smell. That could be mould growing in your condenser.

We encourage car air conditioning repair in Sefton sooner rather than later. The first sign your air conditioner isn’t working properly is the best time to let us check it. It could be a small inexpensive fix. If you let it go and keep using the air conditioner anyway, there’s a good chance you are doing more and more damage the longer you wait. That, of course, could be bigger repair bills. We are a long established well-respected auto service garage; family owned and independent. That means our rates are going to be up to 50% less than your dealer or a self-proclaimed specialist. Contact us at the first sign of trouble to schedule your car air conditioner for a check-up and if needed, repairs. Why drive around in a hot, smelly and noisy car when you don’t have to?