Car Air Conditioning Repair in Huyton

Car Air Conditioning Repair in HuytonIt’s important to find a reliable service for car air conditioning repair in Huyton, especially with summer setting in. As Liverpool’s trusted local garage, we at Childwall Fiveways Garage are proud of our reputation for excellent quality, affordable and sensible pricing and our 100% dedication to customer service. Being a top-quality independent garage, we can undertake the full range of servicing and repairs of any make and model. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, we can swiftly identify and locate issues with the vehicles and complete the necessary repairs. If your car’s air con system isn’t performing up to scratch, besides making the ride uncomfortable, this can also compromise the safety of occupants. We provide premium quality services for complete maintenance, servicing and testing, re-gassing, pressure testing, pipe repairs, electrical fault repairs, condenser replacement and more.

Sometimes the only symptom that you may get that the system needs repair is a foul smell in your car. In Huyton, car air conditioning repair may be required because of the build-up of bacteria and mould inside the system. Dust and moisture provide the ideal breeding ground for a variety of micro-organisms and they can propagate rapidly, blocking the pipes and vents. This is also a serious health hazard that can result in a variety of respiratory problems and allergies. We help to keep your air con system fresh and hygienic through a regular maintenance schedule.

Car air conditioning repair in Huyton is certainly not the job for a DIY enthusiast. Leave it to qualified professionals who have the expertise and the right equipment. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you. Air con systems work in pretty much the same way as your fridge. They both use a compressor that pumps refrigerant gases through a system of tubes. The main difference is that while your fridge remains put in a safe location, your car is exposed to wear and tear, extremes of weather. The condenser unit is usually positioned in the front bottom portion of the vehicle, where it can be damaged by debris, stone-chips, or impact. This allows the refrigerant to escape through breakage in the seals. In older vehicles, the seals get brittle and porous, allowing the gas to leak out.