Car Air Conditioning Repair in Whiston

Car Air Conditioning Repair in WhistonCar air conditioning repair in Whiston is essential in maintaining comfort in a car. A good driving experience should include comfort and convenience. The most luxurious vehicles brag of an unmatched experience for both the driver and passengers. From the seats to the layout of the front dash, everything has to be conveniently placed and designed for maximum comfort. Some manufacturers go to the extent of setting up heated seats, touch screen control panels, electric steering and seat adjustment, central lock systems and wireless functionalities. One of the most important features in a car’s interior is the air conditioning. Good air conditioning accentuates the driving experience of a vehicle. It makes the cabin a comfortable space for all the passengers regardless of the exterior conditions.

Good air conditioning makes the difference between a comfortable car and an uncomfortable one. In Whiston, car air conditioning repair is important for the maintenance of comfortable driving experience. The air conditioning system is a simple system that cools the air circulating in a car. It essentially has the following key parts; the condensing coil, the expansion valve, the evaporator valve, the compressor, the cabin air filter and the centrifugal pump. The system relies on the principle that evaporation (change of liquid to gas) is an endothermic process. Air, filtered through the cabin air filter, is blown through the evaporator coil by the centrifugal fan. It cools down as the refrigerant evaporates. The cool air is directed to the passenger cabin and released through adjustable air vents. Temperature control is achieved by adjusting the centrifugal fan which alters the cooling capacity of the system. Hot air blown through the vents is sourced from the engine that generates heat. On average, the A/C of a vehicle uses 3kW of the engine’s power.

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