Car Air Conditioning Repair in Calderstones

Car Air Conditioning Repair in CalderstonesIf you put off car air conditioning repair in Calderstones, expect to travel alone. Maybe you’re okay with that. But if your family refuses to ride in your car and your work mates have kicked you out of the car pool, we can help you out. Our garage is a long established and well-respected full service garage. We handle service, maintenance, repairs, tyres and MOTS for all makes and models. In fact, we do everything and more than your dealer with the same expertise and equipment. We just charge up to 60% less for the same standard of parts and services. So, maybe you just haven’t had time to get your car for air conditioning repair. Let us collect your car from your location and deliver it back, with a working air conditioner.

We believe in customer service because as an independent family owned garage, we know the value of each of our customers. For your car in Calderstones, car air conditioning repair may be a simple matter of regassing. Our technicians can attend to that quickly and have you back on the road, perhaps with passengers now, in a short time. If there are no noises or leaks and the fan is working on every setting, then regassing is probably all you need. We’ll get your air conditioner blowing cold again. If you feel cold air but it’s barely being blown by a noisy fan then you might need a new fan motor or maybe just a bent blade straightened or replaced.

When you think about needing car air conditioning repair in Calderstones, don’t jump to high priced conclusions. Chances are you don’t need the system replaced; just some minor repairs. We’ll check the system by pressure testing, check the condenser and electrical faults as well as the hoses. If any is faulty, you might see water leaks or notice a mouldy smell. No worries though. Those parts are easily repaired or replaced at reasonable rates. Contact Childwall Fiveways Garage and schedule a check-up for your car air conditioner. We’ll find the fault and have you running cool in quick time. Remember, we are a full service garage and we welcome all your automotive service and repair business.