Fiat 500 Servicing in Merseyside, Excellent Services, Excellent Prices

Fiat 500 Servicing in MerseysideFiat 500 servicing in Merseyside at Childwall Fiveways Garage meets all manufacturer guidelines. Who knows more about the best way to service your car than those who made it and Childwall Fiveways? Car manufacturers make service recommendations. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the servicing of Fiat 500s. As new models of the 500 arrive on the market, our techs are ready to meet their specifics by utilising ongoing training. We continually update our garage equipment, tools and diagnostics to stay up to date with new innovations in automotive technology. Our expertise includes your hybrid Fiat 500. This is the ultimate green city car that is compact and safe with seven airbags.

Childwall Fiveways Garage is family owned and well established with an excellent reputation for service and repairs including MOT testing and tyres. For our customers in Merseyside, Fiat 500 servicing includes electricals and air conditioning. All services are undertaken with customer satisfaction and safety as our objectives. One factor in customer satisfaction is excellent service at the lowest possible cost. We can promise our prices are far lower than your dealer. This is done without sacrificing excellence because we’re independent. You still get the best quality service, authentic manufacturer parts and well paid expert technicians. Plus, service with a smile and time to answer your questions.

Fiat 500 servicing in Merseyside is as efficient as the typical Fiat 500 owner. Their Fiat 500 takes them through their daily routine in and out of heavy traffic effortlessly. Manoeuvring quickly through city traffic for work, shopping, appointments and kid functions requires a lot of stop and go driving; but the Fiat 500 is fuel efficient. Excellence, efficiency and frugality are qualities of our Fiat 500 owners and that’s what we endeavour to provide as their auto service garage. Contact Childwall Fiveways Garage and schedule your Fiat 500 in for servicing. You will find honest service and pricing from our friendly neighbourhood garage. We are your one stop shop for all your automotive service and repair for Fiat 500 owners.