Car Air Conditioning Service in Merseyside, Affordable and Convenient

Car Air Conditioning Service in MerseysideDon’t put off car air conditioning service in Merseyside until hot weather arrives. Just because it was working at the end of last season doesn’t mean it will work when you turn it on this year. So turn it on and test it to see if it works. Do you hear any rattling when you turn on the AC? The fan blades could be loose or the compressor may be faulty. Be sure the AC works on all settings. If the fan only works on high, you could need a new resistor.  Is there any water on the passenger floor or a musty smell? You may have a leak in the drain line. If the AC is on and working but doesn’t seem to be as cold as it should be, it may just need just need an AC recharge.

A better idea to get ready for hot weather driving is to schedule your car into our garage and let us carry out a full AC inspection. In Merseyside, car air conditioning service may not contribute to greater safety or engine performance like an oil change, new brake pads or new tyres. However, it’s still important for your driving comfort. It may be a safety issue for your family’s well-being when stuck in traffic on especially hot and humid days. Our regular customers appreciate not having to go to a speciality garage to have their AC checked. We do include AC service because if it matters to our customers,  it matters to us. That is also why we carry our MOT testing. After all, that’s what full service is all about.

When you trust us with your car air conditioning service in Merseyside, you have found a home for all other automotive services as well. We know you can get these services from your dealer as well. However, we offer the same expertise, quality parts and full range of services for less money. We’re family owned and independent so we offer first rate service for less. We don’t have to cut any corners to do so either. In fact, we’re likely to exceed your customer service expectations. So before the hot weather hits, contact us for a full AC service check. We’ll make sure the system is working efficiently and will continue to do so throughout the season.