Diagnostic Specialist in Childwall

diagnostic specialist in ChildwallChildwall Fiveways Auto Centre is a diagnostic specialist in Childwall. One of the many services we provide to vehicle owners in the area is specialist diagnostics in relation to auto electrics. We were asked by a customer why a car owner needs to use a company like us as opposed to sorting it out him- or herself. Our answer now is perhaps different to the one we might have given even 15 years ago.

In Childwall, a diagnostic specialist is necessary because electrical systems in modern cars have become really complex. While the current running through most of the circuits would not cause serious shock and carrying out repairs is therefore not dangerous, the area of electrical processes and systems in cars has become far more complex. Gone are the days when an enthusiastic car owner who was methodical, knowledgeable about the circuits in the vehicle and had a voltmeter in his hand could trace an electrical problem. Today, that same car owner would need – at the very least – a digital multimeter and a great deal more know-how because vehicle engines have become more sophisticated and electronic components are increasingly used. One is no longer able to easily trace circuits to check on continuity of voltage or for resistance that is reducing voltage. These days one has to use the latest diagnostic equipment in order to check actual values, control unit adaptations, look at stored or current faults and even remove fault memory. Finding intermittent faults is particularly challenging and these are traced using oscilloscopes. We have the necessary sophisticated equipment and are able to run diagnostics on a wide range of vehicles and systems: engine, safety and convenience such as central locking, and comfort systems such as air conditioning.

So, vehicle owners do need a diagnostic specialist in Childwall to help keep their vehicles in good condition and functioning optimally. At Childwall Fiveways we will work on your vehicle at our premises or call on you using our mobile unit. Don’t get stuck; call us today!