Get A New Car Battery In Liverpool

Need a car battery in Liverpool? Childwall Five Ways Auto Center has the experience and fully qualified staff to solve your problems. During a recent cold snap a local gentleman rang us up complaining of a car that wouldn’t start. He had a trip planned for the next day and wanted to be sure his vehicle was in tip top shape and wouldn’t leave him stranded along the way. We advised him to try jump starting the car and then bring it in to our garage as soon as possible.

The initial hunch of our staff proved to be right on the money. Our caller was able to jump start the car right away. After a quick diagnostic test completed by the professional staff at Childwall Fiveways we determined he was suffering from an old worn out battery. In the cold weather frequently seen during winters in Liverpool, a car battery can have a hard time producing enough energy to get things started. This condition is made worse as a battery nears the end of its life.

When we let our customer know we had such a simple and cheap fix for his problem you could see the worry drain from his face. He was very pleased to be setting off on a long journey with a reliable car. He was so pleased with the service he schedule an appointment for a MOT test that was coming due in a few weeks. He had discovered, as all previous customers have, that the expert technicians at Childwall Fiveways Auto Center make a point of making difficult auto problems disappear with little stress. If you need a car battery in Liverpool please call us up at 0151 737 1520 today to schedule an appointment today.