Need a MOT Check in Liverpool?

A MOT check in Liverpool from Childwall Fiveways will ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and legal. We offer comprehensive testing by fully qualified and highly experienced staff for all makes and models of vehicles up to class 4 (cars, taxis, vans and minibuses that accommodate up to 12 passengers). We are a dedicated centre and can arrange appointments easily. We offer our customers quick and efficient tests and retests at low prices. Having a valid MOT certificate if your car is older than three years is a legal requirement. Ignoring this is done at your peril as one customer found out to his cost.

A resident of Liverpool’s MOT check came too late to save him from costly repairs. This young man had allowed his certificate to expire and, like many other vehicle owners, procrastinated about making arrangements to have the necessary inspection done. Towards the end of February he was involved in an accident involving another vehicle. Fortunately neither driver was injured. The fact that his car and the other vehicle suffered chassis and engine damage was bad enough. What made the situation far worse was the fact that this customer’s insurance company rejected his claim because the vehicle’s MOT certificate was not valid. In addition, as the accident was his fault, he was also out of pocket for damages to the other vehicle too.

Don’t take chances with your vehicle and safety and stay legal and covered! Book your MOT check here in Liverpool by visiting or calling us at Childwall Five Ways. We will carry out the necessary test and have you safely back in the driver’s seat in no time!