Some Quick Tips on Air Conditioning in Childwall

Looking for air conditioning in Childwall? The truth is that once you have used it, you cannot live without it.Air conditioning works on the same principle as a refrigerator. A constant fluid circulates in a closed circuit. During operation it captures heat from the passenger compartment and transports it to be rejected outside. To properly set the indoor temperature, be aware that in general, the temperature difference between outside air and interior air should not exceed 10°C. If this is the case, the resulting thermal shock can cause headache and sore throat. Do not hesitate to stop the air conditioning for a few minutes for the cooling system to leave room for hot air. For automatic air conditioning, it is better to increase the value.

Here are a few tips from a Childwall air conditioning professional: to quickly get fresh air after your car has been a long time in the sun, drive with the windows open and the ventilator completely on for a while, then turn on the air conditioner. When fresh air rushes in, close the windows and switch internal air recirculation for a few minutes. Then, return to outside air mode. If there is fog on the windows, turn off the air conditioner to remove moisture from the cabin: ensure that you are on outside air mode. One minute should be sufficient to eliminate fogging. For proper maintenance of the air conditioner, regularly check the dehydrator because if it absorbs more moisture, the water contained in the circuit may freeze and block the holder, which will damage the compressor.

It is important to run the air conditioning all year round. Thus, during winter, consider running it at least every 15 days for 10 minutes. This prevents the seals from drying out and having leaks in the circuit. If you have mechanical skills, check the condition of belts and hoses. But in any case, the cooling system should be checked by a specialist every two years. Live in the Childwall area? Do not hesitate to contact our air conditioning Childwall specialist should you notice any anomaly. Childwall Fiveways offer services related to the control of the air conditioning system of your car and maintenance thereof.