Professional and Fast MOT Test Garage in Broadgreen

Recently a couple looking for a MOT test garage in Broadgreen to get their MOT certificate and also get their car serviced, found Childwall Five Ways. They wanted to get the MOT certificate as soon as possible because they wanted to start their long awaited road trip across Europe. They wanted to make sure that their car was ready for the road. They were very excited for this trip and the only thing stopping them was the MOT certificate. Our workmen expertly serviced their car and ran thorough checks to make sure that it was all ready. We at Childwall Fiveways also gave them a clearance for MOT and gave them the certificate. They were very happy by our service and by the fact that they could now finally undertake their road trip.

In Broadgreen, a MOT test garage is not far away, Childwall Five Ways have always provided quality service and exceeded the expectations of our customers. Our staff is professionally trained and we use modern tools and equipment to look after and service your vehicle. We service and provide MOT certificates for your vehicle in a day. You can bring any class 4 vehicle like cars, vans taxi and mini busses. We have a dedicated garage for MOT services and we work expertly to give you value for your money and maximum satisfaction.

We provide our services to those searching for a MOT test garage in the Broadgreen area and other suburbs of Liverpool. You can also bring your vehicle for general service, air conditioning, electrical works and engine diagnostics. We also provide services for sale and repair of alternators, batteries, car security systems and car audio systems. If you want to get your vehicle serviced by experts and a quick MOT certificate, call 0151 737 1520. You can also visit our website for more information.