Air Conditioning Service in Liverpool Offers Affordable Rates

Air Conditioning Service in LiverpoolIf you’ve driven your car for over two years, it’s probably for an air conditioning service in Liverpool to fine tune the system. Getting your car air conditioner serviced usually gets relegated to the bottom of the priority list. Ideally, you should have your car air conditioning serviced once every 12 to 18 months or when you’ve driven about 12,000 miles. Investing a little time and money into servicing can help improve efficiency and the quality of air conditioning. Faulty air conditioning can result from bad electrical circuitry or low levels of coolant. After all, it’s not really fun to arrive at a meeting or a party all hot and sweaty from having to sit in stale, warm car air.

In Liverpool, an air conditioning service is available from from trustworthy names like Childwall Five Ways. This auto centre  offers comprehensive services including repair, re-gassing, pipe repair (air leaks from air conditioning ducts) and electrical fault testing. Car air conditioning is different from the cooling system that runs domestic refrigerators. Car air conditioning runs under much harsher conditions including higher levels of humidity, vibrations (due to continual jolting) as well as temperature extremes. Since the system tends to wear away sooner, car air conditioning systems require regular maintenance and service. Moreover, stale, odorous air is not the only by-product of faulty car air conditioning. Malfunctioning electrical circuitry can interfere with your car’s fuel efficiency and leave your battery drained. If your air conditioning is noisy, then in all likelihood, you are looking a faulty compressor that may need replacement.

Fortunately, you can opt to use an affordable and efficient air conditioning service in Liverpool from Childwall Five Ways Auto Center. Fixing your car air conditioning is usually a quick, inexpensive and easy job that involves a coolant refill, flush or fixing a small leak in the pipe. Call today to find out more.