The Diagnostic Specialist In Liverpool You Can Trust

Austin 10 DashboardIs it time for your MOT testing? Do you need a diagnostic specialist in Liverpool who is honest and reputable? In a nutshell, the MOT test is administered annually to assess the roadworthiness of all vehicles that are over 3 years of age. Basically, this test ensures that your vehicle meets both road safety and environmental standards every year that it is on the road. You have to understand that this is in no way similar to getting your vehicle checked and serviced periodically, as this can be only performed in an approved MOT testing center. The easiest way to tell if a test center is, indeed, duly accredited by the MOT is that it will display the telltale blue sign with 3 white triangles, as well as the official “MOT Test: Fees and Appeals” poster. Make sure to look out for these when you are getting an MOT test performed.

In Liverpool diagnostic specialist companies that are also an approved MOT testing center are not always easy to find. Except when it comes to Childwall Five Ways Auto Center. This center performs comprehensive MOT testing on all class 4 vehicles, including cars, vans, taxis, and minibuses with a maximum of 12 seats. Childwall Five Ways Auto Center is well known for its highly qualified and very friendly staff, so you will certainly enjoy their very quick and efficient professional services, including MOT testing and MOT retesting. They also offer one of the most competitive pricing in the industry, so you can be sure that getting an MOT test or retest will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can even book your test at a time that suits you. Just arrange an appointment with Childwall Five Ways beforehand, and get it done smoothly and efficiently.

Apart from being an MOT diagnostic specialist in Liverpool Childwall Five Ways Auto Centre also offers general vehicle servicing, including auto electrics and car air-conditioning services. So whether you need an MOT test or retest, or simply just need to get your vehicle serviced, give them a call to schedule an appointment. You’ll be back on the road in no time at all! Call today!