The Mystery Of Car Electrics in Liverpool

Car Electrics In LiverpoolCar electrics in Liverpool are a mysterious area for many. Have you ever found yourself pondering the inner workings of your car’s engine?Here at Childwall Five Ways we are regularly asked a number of questions by customers. One of the more common is about what many consider to be the heart of the car: the battery. We have been asked things like, what the signs are that a battery is failing or dead? Or, what does someone who doesn’t have experience in this area do when the battery seems to be dead?

As elsewhere, in Liverpool car electrics depend on a healthy battery. Without it you and your car are going nowhere. Certainly a dead battery could be a symptom of another electrical problem. However, it’s a good idea to start at the beginning. Consensus is that if a battery is older than three years you are going to start to have problems as 3 to 4 years is the life expectancy of the modern battery. If a vehicle only travels short distances and or has periods of inactivity the battery life expectancy will decrease. There are a few signs that you can look out for. Firstly, if the engine turns over but won’t start it is usually a failing or flat battery rather than something more serious. If this is the case using jumper cables will get the car going. If you try to start the car and there are no lights on the dashboard and the engine doesn’t even try to turn over it almost certainly that your battery is past resuscitation. An intermittent problem where you car starts and then doesn’t is quite often due to a problem with the battery terminals. Here’s another rule of thumb to keep in mind: if you need to jump start your car more than three times a week you really must replace your battery or bring the car to an auto electrician for diagnosis of the problem.

So, problems with battery related car electrics in Liverpool can be both diagnosed and corrected by our experienced and professional mechanics at Childwall Five Ways. Make sure that you have your battery tested properly and replaced if necessary so that you are not left stranded. Call today!