Safety First: Correct Your ABS Faults In Liverpool

ABS Faults In LiverpoolABS faults in Liverpool are potentially a very dangerous mechanical fault. Have you had yours checked out lately? When you know where to take your car, where they can be reliably tested, it removes any and all stress. Here at Childwall Five Ways we have diagnostic equipment so that we can locate problems and repair any section of the Anti-locking Braking System or ABS that is not working as it should. We proved this to one of our clients who experienced this problem.

In Liverpool ABS faults can be very dangerous, especially when road conditions are slippery as they can be when there is ice on the roads. The function of the ABS is to ensure that the vehicle’s wheels maintain traction on the road surface when the driver applies the brakes without going into a skid or a slide caused by the wheels locking up. In essence, ABS provides improved vehicle control and reduced stopping distances on dry and slippery surfaces. On loose surfaces, such as snow or dirt, it helps with control, but the stopping distance is actually increased. Our customer thought the system in his car was fine until he found himself spinning across a road and into a hedge after braking to avoid an animal. Using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment we examined each aspect of the system: the controller or CAB, speed sensors, pump and the hydraulic valves. It was found that it was the ‘brain’ of the system, the control unit, that was faulty which is why the car had not made the necessary adjustments in order to allow our customer to maintain control of his car after braking. The brakes had locked, resulting in a very frightening and uncontrolled spin which could have had far more tragic results than it did in this case. Our mechanics carried out the necessary repairs so that our customer could feel secure and safe behind the wheel again.

If you suspect your vehicle has ABS faults in Liverpool or want to have the system checked, contact us at Childwall Five Ways today. Don’t risk your life and the lives of others!