Starters and Alternators Service in Childwall

Starters and Alternators Service in ChildwallIf you require a starters and alternators service in Childwall, you will find the assistance you need at Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre as repairs or replacements for these items are just one of the many services our skilled, experienced and professional auto electricians provide to our customers.

In Childwall, starters and alternators service is fairly common. We were recently called by a gentleman who said that his car would not start and it was not the battery as he had purchased a new one the previous week as he thought that was why his car had been unreliable in terms of starting. Although we do diagnostic testing on vehicles before carrying out repairs, we can learn quite a lot from the vehicle owner. For example, if we are told that the lights of the dashboard are on briefly, headlights are dimmed, gauge lights flicker or there is an odd growling sound from the engine, we will suspect possible alternator problems. Alternators charge the battery and power the electrical system when the engine is running. If the alternator is faulty or not working the car will either start slowly or not at all. The starter motor, on the other hand, is the component that turns a gear wheel and shaft that turns the engine. Without it no fuel or air is sucked into the cylinders and compressed and the car is going nowhere. Some common symptoms of starter problems are that the engine does not turn over when the key is turned, it turns over very slowly but does not ‘take’ or there is nothing when the key is turned except of loud “click”. This customer told us that his car had initially turned slowly and then reluctantly started. However, it had now reached the nothing-at-all-happens stage. Our auto electrician therefore thought it might be the starter and arranged to go out to the customer’s home.

If you require a starters and alternators service in Childwall we will come to you or you can come to us. At Childwall Fiveways you can be sure to receive professional and prompt assistance that will get you back on the road in no time. Call us today!